As a versatile plant, it is often used as an excellent ground cover, a rock garden specimen as well as front-of-the-border edging.

They have grown from 1" seedlings and are aprox.

Hence, before putting time and effort in plantation, be sure to consider the weather conditions, soil type, and of course, your own preferences! Make sure you plant the cuttings well, covering them in a polythene bag and placing them in a warm place. Borne on branched flowering stems, the dainty blossoms attract bees and butterflies, but are ignored by deer.

As soon as you spot the spouts, pull out the bag and transfer the seedlings to a sunny spot where they can attain at least 6 hours of sunlight. Maiden Pink is a native species, but also occurs as a garden escape. Please forward any other order-related questions to our Customer Service Team. Pollination is carried out almost solely by day butterflies, because other species can’t distinguish between different shades of red. If you want it to keep new flowers for years, keep dividing and clipping back in early spring.This variety is hardy in mild/coastal areas but doesn’t thrive in hard winters or sudden early frosts. Pose a question about this product to customers who have already purchased the item. Deptford Pink Dianthus armeria Pink family (Caryophyllaceae) Description: This annual or biennial plant is about 1-2½' tall and very slender in appearance. British Wild Flower Plants is the largest grower of native plants in the UK. Customer … The restricted corolla mouth of maiden Maiden pinks ideally nurture in dry meadows characterized by poor amounts of nitrogen and low-growing vegetation. The wildflower choice of Greater Manchester reflects the region’s history: the fluffy white flowers of cotton-grass (Eriophorum angustifolium) resemble the textile that powered Manchester through the dark days of the industrial revolution, when the city was nicknamed Cottonopolis. Create beautiful wildflower areas & help bees A typical plant is characterized by masses of fragrant red frilly flowers blooming over narrow bluish-green leaves. Height 10-20cm. Use a polythene bag to facilitate germination and do not deprive the seeds of sunlight during the germination process.This variety of maiden pink has glaucous blue foliage covered with large white, pink and rosy-red flowers with serrated petal tips that appear abundantly with crimson rings.

However, when its surroundings become overgrown, it tends to disappear.Maiden pink flowers bloom generously from their seed banks. Vigorous and free-flowering, Dianthus deltoides (Maiden Pink) is an evergreen perennial forming a spreading mat of narrow, green leaves. Maiden Pink is a European introduction brought in through the gardening trade and occasionally escapes cultivation.

Provide full sun and do not cover the seeds with soil. The cherry-red flowers blanket dark green leaves in late spring and sometimes during the summer. Photos by Peter M. Dziuk taken in Wisconsin.Web design and content copyright © 2006-2020 It grows rapidly but demands full sun exposure.Zing rose is a highly popular maiden pink variant that is widely preferred for sunny borders. Yet, it may flourish in a good microclimate with a wall shelter. The generous perennial provides widely spread flower bunches that are commonly used to furnish flowerbeds, rocky surfaces, low walls and garden boxes. Dianthus deltoides (maiden pink) is a species of Dianthus native to most of Europe and western Asia.It can also be found in many parts of North America, where it is an introduced species. This carnation is very resilient and only requires little care, at most simply The vast range of maiden pink varieties offers just as vast an array of possible colors.With bright colors and very fragrant, seize the opportunity of mixing several species within the same flower bed.These carnations hold very well in a bouquet and are beautiful in a floral composition.I’m so glad I stumbled across Brilliant Maiden Pink mounding Perennials! This variety makes an ideal covering for fragrant gardens, rock gardens, and the front of borders. They come back year after year and are virtually maintenance free! The wild … Major Maiden pink facts. In late spring and summer, the foliage mound is covered by a profusion of heavily fringed, small, single flowers in shades of red, pink or white. Thus, you should plant the correct seed accordingly to obtain those blooms.If you live in a hot, sunny area, plant this variety immediately. As long as you provide adequate watering, the plant will thrive in a variety of soil types.To aid germination, cover the container in a polythene bag or place it in a propagator at 16°C to 20°C. See The seeds will typically take 14 to 30 days to germinate and once they’ve germinated, place them in cooler conditions. It prefers full sunlight and must be treated with average to moist conditions, preventing it from drying out.The rate of growth is medium, and if treated nicely, it can live up to 5 years. Maiden Pink is a European introduction brought in through the gardening trade and occasionally escapes cultivation.

Inside are numerous tiny, blackish-brown seeds. It branches sparingly above the widely spaced pairs of leaves. However, when you transfer the pot grown plants to your garden, locate a sunny place where they’ll get plenty of air circulation.On the other hand, if you sow seeds directly in your garden, position them 1/8In addition, special care has to be taken when attempting to propagate the plant by cuttings.

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