However I know that before I start to use those tools in my communication I need to have in the forefront of my mind that the person or people I am communicating with have a valid point and have something to offer me but before they can share that with me they need to know that I care to hear what they have to say. Love John Maxwell's books. Are we willing to invest in others? People love winning streaks by individuals—teams, not so much. Ask the successful CEOs of major corporations, entrepreneurs, top salespeople, and pastors what characteristic is most needed for success in leadership positions, and they'll tell you-it's the ability to work with people.Some people are born with great relationship skills, but those who are not can learn to improve them. Quite frequently the mindset of the business world is “What can I do to get ahead?” or “How can I succeed?” Maxwell challenges the reader to think outside of theFormer pastor turned leadership guru, John C. Maxwell is known for his insight and experience when it comes to the business industry. people who are talented, but who cannot succeed in life because they are difficult to deal with. Some people don't like that, but I think it's helpful.I like John Maxwell, but if your going to read a book on winning people, read dale Carnegies How To Win Friends And Influence People. Great advice on the value of others and to build teamwork using effective leadership skills.He has become my favourite writer on leadership after this book. This book is no exception.You just can't go wrong with any of John Maxwell's books. Discusses 5 central concerns: readiness, connection, trust, investment and synergy. This is a concept I have always been aware of however it was never an active part of my communicating. : The Power of Self-Discipline SummaryAuthor says that you must create something memorable with people around you, make those memorable moments your memories, make those memories immortalize, save them by clicking pictures, and whenever you want to feel blessed and happy revisit those memories by seeing those pictures, show those pictures to people whom you had those wonderful memories, talk about those memories laugh about them, relive those stories together, this thing will make you feel happy and will create a strong bond.Read More: How to Read a Person Like a Book SummaryGiving a compliment to someone is the best way to make someone or others feel good, But compliment becomes more powerful and genuine when it is given to someone in front of many people, when you compliment someone In front of public, then that person will do his best to uphold it, that person will always behave in line with that compliment, hence always try to compliment someone in public.Read More: The Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons SummaryHere author says that giving a reputation to uphold leverages the commitment and consistency, Maxwell says that a great way to do it is to actually find a nickname for the person that will embody a quality they possess. Great book if you are a married American male with kids. He touches on some important and useful life lessons in terms of relationships and daily interactions. This is a concept I have always been aware of however it was never an active part of my communicating.Winning With People has an extensive about of principals expressed throughout the book which are helpful tools for communicating but what I realized is that at the core of all of these principals was the idea that in order to really communicate with someone you have to first care about the person and what he/she is communicating to you. So we should give others money in order to "Win" with them and make them like us? Very gentle approach to friendly, kind ways to interact with others. And then use that nickname or repeat their quality often so that it will get associated with them.Here author says that you must ask people to share their dreams with you, ask them what all challenges they face and try to overcome and ones they tell you then offer them genuine advise and give them some useful tips, always help someone with genuine heart never be disloyal with someone trust.Read More: Maximum Achievement Summary By Brian TracyAuthor says that great leaders become great only when they take the blame when things go wrong and give credit when things go right, unsuccessful people blame when things go wrong and take credit when they win, your life is 100 percent your responsibility hence take the blame for every wrong move and give credit to others whose support made you reach the top, this will help you in long-term success.When you share your secret to someone, then that thing will make other people feel special and close to you, you can make it more powerful by saying that I shared it only with you because I trust you, this will improve your relationship and can form a strong bond.Read More: True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart SummaryChapter 10: DO FOR OTHERS WHAT THEY CAN’T DO FOR THEMSELVESHelping others to get their goals will for sure strengthen your relationship, and if you do so in a way that they couldn’t have done by themselves, they will be even more thankful to you, hence help someone with a genuine heart.This is the end of “25 Ways To Win With People Summary”.

Winning with People: Discover the People Principles That Work for You Every Time 304. by John C. Maxwell. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. If you deal directly with people, then this book is for you. This means building relationships and winning people is extremely important. Winning With People really showed me that in order to “win” with people you have to first care about them. This book helps you identify ways to strengthen your relationships with people and helps you grow your interpersonal skills. Then I decide to read another.

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