But you’d rather be grilling brats and burgers instead of staring at cold burners.

Do NOT close the app or move to a different screen yet. No. Move the electrode closer to the right or left of one of the burner holes.

Pull the Ash Cleanout lever then remove the cup from the bottom of the grill and check for pellets there.

If it is on an angle, simply loosen the bottom front panel, so that the valve stem is not so tight against the hole, that should give more room to align the burner stem and valve. )Don't be concerned. Pal, coconut, sunflower seed, Vitamin E, citric acid.

Finally, make sure the thermocouple inside the grill is not leaning left—it needs to be standing straight up. On hot days, your grill will run hotter due to it being made of all steel.Temperature variation is normal. For the last 10 years our products have been manufactured overseas at facilities we operate or partner with which meet our stringent quality and production standards.Each individual product is different.

Please contact our customer support team Monday-Thursday, 7:00 AM-5:30 PM. You can run a grill on any device that is logged in to your account.This may be due to a number of factors.

Please update to the latest version if there is one available.

All of our products have been safety tested and approved to outdoor use only.Yes. Turn the propane tank on.You need to adjust your electrode (the silver piece that sparks.) If you have a louvered drip pan, the only time we would not recommend foil is when you are using the direct heat option.

From there it will take 10-20 minutes to get up to the desired temperature. Think of how hot your car can get during the summer months.

The pellets in the auger can catch on fire if you do not use the Shutdown mode and just unplug it or turn it off. Yes. You can still set temperatures and adjust Smoke Numbers from the controller itself.Yes.

All our propane powered products are tested and approved for outdoor use only.All our products are designed in the USA to meet all U.S. safety standards. Do not heat your griddle on high.Yes. Crisis averted.Safety is important, of course. If it is at an angle, then it will allow extra air to get through, blowing the ash out of the burn cup. This could be caused by either something in the unit itself, or there could be a tear in the water valve.

They are in the upper right-hand corner and lower right-hand corner.

The only reason it would warp is if there was an uneven heat across the griddle. All Camp Chef cast iron and griddles come pre-seasoned with the True-Seasoned finish, so they are ready to cook.Yes. There are no accessories that were specifically designed for the full-sized flat tops. That is done intentionally by design, for more smoke. Retro Fit controllers are available for purchase.

Try resetting the regulator.
If they crumble easy, then they have moisture in them.At higher temp settings, there will be less smoke, due to the burning of pellets.

Do I need to re-season my griddle after use? This mode is to be used only if the grill has been shut off momentarily and the pellets in the burn cup are still hot enough to ignite the pellets.

Wipe it down clean. This will create a little temperature swing on both of those settings, but the cooking results are great.Due to the grill being made from all steel, you will want to make sure it's in the shade, and not in direct sunlight, especially when it's hot outside. Ash at the bottom of the grill is normal due to the blower fan that keeps the pellets burning. One cause is if the propane hose and regulator has gone into the low flow safety feature. Cover or take it down to prolong the life. The more you cook and care for it, the longer the life of your griddle.

We do not add any additional flavoring additives either, so your food is left with the flavor you intended.

This will allow more/less air to be mixed with the propane and generally result in a blue flame. Camp Chef flat top griddles have been tested alongside top competitors in the business and have the most consistent overall heat displacement. You want an empty burn cup each time because this helps the pellets burn better and more efficient without temp swings. Re-connect the hose to the propane tank. Low flow mode is a US safety feature caused when too much gas goes through and the regulator thinks there is a propane leak.

Check the burn cup for pellets. To find the best baking location we suggest you try it out a few times to know where the heat zones are.Yes.
Hard water will leave stains.

Try to back flush the unit by switching the input and output for about 5-10 minutes.

Then when you switch the hoses back, turn your water flow to Low, and the flame to Medium.

Select or enter your desired WiFi network, then enter the password.Yes, the pellets are the only source of fuel for the pellet grill.

Make sure to replace with the correct fuse. Check to make sure you have pellets in the hopper. This will forget the Bluetooth and WiFi configurations for the grill.4. I recently purchased a camp chef pellet smoker (camp chef magnum, though I think all camp chefs use the same controller?). As of now, the app is only compatible with iOS devices. Use an infrared thermometer or griddle surface thermometer.

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