The caller advised him to go to a special meeting instead of taking that flight. Among the lobbyists attending were attorneys for the Northern Natural Gas Company of Omaha; attorneys for Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Company; and the president of the Federal Land Bank in Omaha. He had no Watergate connections, but he had friends in the White House. For these reasons she suggested that I call Colson and attempt to explain the situation to him. I told Mrs. Hunt to slow down. JFK assassination researchers have long speculated that E. Howard Hunt holds the The Citizens Committee reported that Kruger had previously been warned he would never live to reach Chicago. She told me she was worried that Liddy's wife might crack under the strain. Updates on the case will be presented when they But the odd thing Apparently, she was the pillar of strength in that family before the death.Richard Nixon: Great sadness. She and her husband, E. Howard Hunt, the Watergate conspirator, were a "C.I.A. We would therefore appreciate it if you would designate, at your earliest convenience, an official with whom we may discuss this matter and with the authority to negotiate such a formal agreement with the Safety Board.In the interim, however; we would like to receive, in advance of the scheduled June 13, 1973, public oversight hearing, the specific information concerning the actions of the FBI in connection with the Midway - accident and the reasons therefore, in order to enable us to be as fully responsive as possible to the House Subcommittee.Your letter dated June 5, 1973, concerning the FBI's investigation into the crash of a United Air Lines Boeing 737 at Midway Airport, Chicago, Illinois, on December 8, 1972, has been received.The FBI has primary investigative jurisdiction in connection with the Destruction of Aircraft or Motor Vehicles (DAMV) Statute, Title 18, Section 32, U.S. Code, which pertains to the willful damaging, destroying or disabling of any civil aircraft in interstate, overseas or foreign air commerce. The FBI director justified this action because it considered the accident to have been the result of sabotage. Hunt had threatened Nixon and Dean with exposing the nature of all the sordid deeds he had done.Could it be that the fuel for Hunt's blackmail of the president had little to do with the so-called "third-rate burglary" of the Democratic headquarters? Finally a functionary returned with a plastic bag containing scorched jewelry. operation to protect the CIA-sponsored callgirl operations or other operations On instructions of Mr. Rivers, she had given specific financial assurances to the Miami defendants, but the money had been only partially forthcoming. But it was delayed on the ground for fifteen minutes. You know, when Hunt's wife was flying to Chicago with $10,000 she was actually, I understand after the fact now, was going to pass that money to one of the Cubans - to meet him in Chicago and pass it to, somebody there.... You've got then, an awful lot of the principals involved who know. love-interest, Marita Lorenz, testimony which places Hunt--along with CIA She never believed that 1 didn't have (and didn't want) the power to determine the breadth of financial support she said was necessary to keep things afloat. We know about this because of records of the National Transportation Safety Board which had the manifest of the airplane. for Hunt's blackmail of the president had little to do with the so-called of the CIA called Bill Sullivan of the FBI (Number Three man under J. Edgar

(She was so concerned about these valuables, she purchased a separate first class seat next to her on the plane for this luggage.) Krogh would later be convicted of complicity in the break-in of Daniel Ellsberg's Psychiatrist's office along with Hunt, Liddy and a small cast of CIA-trained and retained Cuban black-bag specialists.About a month after Krogh's new assignment, Nixon's appointments secretary, Dwight Chapin, was made an executive in the Chicago office of United Airlines, where he threatened the media to steer clear of speculation about sabotage in the crash. Hunt claimed, according to McCord, to have the data necessary to impeach Nixon. Barboura Morris Freed also raised several issues in her article, Freed also claimed that just hours after the crash an anonymous call was made to the WBBM Chicago (CBS) talk show. an employee for the CIA in the late forties, stationed in Shanghai, China, where

One of our staff investigators confronted Metcalf about a week after the crash: (a) Metcalf, supposedly a government narcotics bigshot, knows nothings about dope. And why might the FBI have been doing that?Note in this connection that it was specifically the airplane itself that was being followed; and not the person of Dorothy Hunt. Nixon presidency, also too is the question about what more the Hunts knew about What most Americans did not realize at the time was that she was murdered. second wife where he continues to write.

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