He caught them off guard and single handedly beat them all to a pulp. The nurse couldn’t do it so she took them to a remote village where the girls grew up together. One day, this happens to be the princess. She spent most of her life in India and was the founder of an organization called Missionaries of Charity. They have created nothing, for they have been created themselves; never will I give my son to the devils!’”Interestingly, it was this speech which caused Vladimir to ponder over the next few years as to whether he ought to convert to Christianity, which he ultimately did. He eventually died at the hands of a group of warriors who attacked the monastery when he was 75 years old – but not before he managed to help 70 of the monks escape. St Longinus was instructed to assist at the crucifixion of Jesus. Unperturbed, he got up and hobbled back to the castle. He held the belief that grace of Christ played a key role in human freedom and developed the doctrine of original sin.A great Indian saint, who has followers all around the globe is Sai Baba of Shirdi, who lived there in the 19John the Baptist is another highly regarded saint and religious leader in the history, who is believed to have started the practice of baptism for forgiveness of sins. She is offered to the dragon, but there appears Saint George on his travels. Literally, the term “saint” refers to any person who is in Heaven – not just those so named by the Church.

But most of all he is a badass because he killed a dragon or so the legend goes. But, from very early on in Christianity, a saint was declared as such by the Pope (or in the case of martyrs, by the local Bishop). From the start of his reign in 980, he conquered lands, slaughtered people, had children and generally partied hard. He needed surgery which was undertaken without anesthesia – a treatment that most modern folk would balk at. He is regarded as the most prominent military saint and is one of the most revered in the Western World.

He was a third century Roman soldier and a priest in the Guard of Diocletian, who is venerated as a Christian martyr.

He dragged their bloodied bodies to the chief monk to ask what to do (knowing it wasn’t a monkly thing to kill them). More than that, he tried to show the pagans the futility of their faith: ‘Your gods are just plain wood: it is here now but it may rot into oblivion tomorrow; your gods neither eat, nor drink, nor talk and are made by human hand from wood; whereas there is only one God — He is worshiped by Greeks and He created heaven and earth; and your gods?

He was crowned King at only 12 years old, following the death of his father, King Louis VIII. She was a Catholic missionary, who dedicated her entire life for serving the poor, downtrodden and sick. St Moses, instead, killed four of his sheep before sticking the knife back in his mouth and swimming back.

A lot was cast and it fell on a youth, Ioann by name, the son of a Christian, Fyodor.

https://catholicexchange.com/top-ten-most-influential-saints-reader-votes His end was to come in his second crusade when he died – as all good kings do – in the midst of a bloody battle.St George is undoubtedly amongst the most well known saints on this list. In one battle, Saint Joan was hit in the neck by an arrow. St Moses chose to stay behind with a few other monks to fight off the warriors.St Longinus was a soldier in the Roman army, from Caesarea. They are still revered and worshipped around the world.Santosh Kumar is a Blogger, he is Just trying to share top 10 lists from India and all around the world from his blog WorldBlaze. Vladimir was the grand prince of Kiev, who converted to Christianity in 988, but before his conversion he was a pretty mean (not to mention profligate) guy. Saint Simeon Stylites lived for 37 years standing on top of a small platform on a tall pillar. Because of his youth, his mother, Blanche of Castile, ruled France as regent during his minority.

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