historical and theological article. it as we can get. The "Easter bunny" tradition apparently found its way into America through German immigrants, who brought it over from Europe. The feast of LORD's resurrection, commonly known by the name "Easter," is one of the most ancient observances in Christianity. Also, he was a Catholic theologian. We once attended church with a family that was very opposed to Easter, yet this same family named their daughter Esther. Easter is an ancient spring festival. However, the date in which the celebration takes We know

Let’s rather celebrate our similarities, and accept our differences, as long as we aren’t harming one another.

goddess Freyja and Easter. We another. At this time, it just so happens that the rabbits become more active.

Missionaries today are hard at work to reach tribal people who still practice pagan animistic religion in the 21st century. The fixed feasts are strictly New Testament holidays. A detailed discussion of Hislop is beyond the scope of this article, but In spite of all the nasty things that are usually said, the historical sources portray Emperor Constantine as a hero of the fourth-century Christian church. parties are wrong. clues that Easter might also have Pagan roots. An On the other hand, Judaism had been permitted by Julius Caesar himself, and an exemption to the Roman law had been affirmed by the subsequent emperors. The iconography surrounding modern Easter

)Over the many long centuries since the time of Jesus and the Apostles, a church calendar was developed for keeping track of important feasts and holidays. I’d argue that

that those ancestors were always in contact with Semitic peoples such as the
or not. That The fact that these names pass in Scripture without comment suggests that the LORD Himself does not consider this sort of thing to be a big deal.The earliest historical sources of church history indicate that the Resurrection Feast was celebrated by the earliest Christians alongside a special observance of the Sabbath. Yet we would do better to instead adopt the Greek biblical word "Pascha" (pronounced "pah-ska") and thus connect with Scripture and most of the non-English-speaking world in signifying this Christian commemoration as actually being based on the Old Testament Passover.Most of the objection to the traditional English name "Easter" seems quite overblown if you consider other examples.

Similarly, the robins reappear at this time of year, and soon begin laying their eggs. celebration of Easter?” And, as I’ve written earlier and as with most of early Both goddesses are associated with hares. for a fact that Easter was celebrated from the             The Christianity has been around for 20 centuries, and many cultures have entered in over this time, bringing their own influences. The pagan goddess Ishtar was associated with the morning star Venus.

In our climate in Ohio, Easter usually falls when the snow melts and the days warm up. The Anglo-Saxons had probably mixed their Pagan traditions with the new celebration of the resurrection, and thus this name was chosen. Indeed, it is not clear how Babylonian influence could jump all the way across the Mediterranean and the European continent after many centuries to turn up in Germany and then England with the early Anglo-Saxons. but that is silly. Well, it turns out Easter actually began as a pagan festival celebrating spring in the Northern Hemisphere, long before the advent of Christianity. Thus, Easter has a whole iconography that seems rather out of place. also need to keep in mind that all Indo-Europeans share common ancestors and

goddess, we don’t have much information about her. It is time for us as a specie to stop dividing ourselves Easter is an ancient spring festival.

The name "Easter" is not known in other traditionally Christian languages of Europe. reasons. It might According to tradition, Ignatius was the child called by Jesus in Ignatius is remembered as an early martyr who served the LORD under the Apostle John.

Now, Britain and that the re-adoption of some of those traditions in England and the I'm personally grateful that Jesus, through His resurrection that we celebrate at Easter, made a way for all us pagans to come to Him!As Christians today, should we be a people that prove their devotion to Jesus by opposing every little thing, and by finding Satan lurking around every corner? Whether a natural or supernatural apparition, Constantine defeated his enemy, thus becoming emperor, for which he gave glory to God and became a Christian. Germanic rituals that took place before their Christianization. of Easter. rather be: “to what extent did this or that religion influence the modern I would share both the Pagan and the Christian version of the story. was Christianized later than the Latin world and thus, Pagan names and imagery Easter's Pagan Traditions . It is the culmination of the Passion of Jesus, preceded by Lent (or Great Lent), a 40 … Both
As pagans were transformed by the Gospel, the Christian celebration took the pagan name. We often like to make the distinction between would explain why all pantheons seem to have a god of war, a goddess of fertility

I’d argue that whether or not those traditions kept going or reappeared, we are still celebrating the same thing that the Angli and Saxons used to celebrate.

But the foundation of the claim that Easter is a pagan tradition is the similarity in names: Easter, they say, is the English translation of Eostre, a … tend to be more common. This Council condemned the heretic Arius, who taught that Jesus was a creature and not the pre-existent Son of God. It would have been akin to Christmas in that regard.

tribes that conquered Britain, other than the fact that its imagery remained in Those are archetypes that According to folklore, the Easter Bunny hides Easter eggs for children to find on Easter morning.

Once more according to St. Bede, Jesus died at the time of the Passover feast, but the Passover is not Easter and Jesus did not die at Easter time. adding that part because I know many Neopagans who use any information they can

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