You can opt to just walk around inside the house. With classes ranging from yoga to cardio and dance held at multiple times throughout the day, the only thing going out your door is your excuses. “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” To Air Final Season In Early 2021The Show Must Go On! Exercise helps your body and mind in many ways as it can help manage stress levels, improve energy levels, for weight management and reduces the risk of serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. True enough, the number of people joining the session has been escalated and people are just joining in the fun.The attendance in an artwork photo was changed to montage video beginning at 24 Mar session – MCO workout day 7. Non-smokers can also speak out to family members who smoke to reduce exposure to cigarette smoke and the dangers of smoking.“Cultivate a positive mindset for yourself and family members. Covid Or Not, The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Will Continue Says The IOC VPVideo: Ronaldo Asked To Put On Face Mask In Stadium, Netizens Compare Him To Malaysian VIPsThe Transfer Saga Continues: Lionel Messi Apparently Considering A U-Turn To Stay With BarcelonaTGV Terengganu Separates Their Seat Sections For Women, Men And Families In Cinema HallsVideo: Netizens Outraged After Four Guys Question Why Women In Relationships Still Wear MakeupSoldiers Finally Step Forward To Confess & Confirm Ethnic Cleansing Of Rohingya In MyanmarIs Our Minister Of Higher Education Too Busy Doing TikTok Videos To Comment On Veveonah Issue?“Shame on you sir!” Annuar Musa Faces Backlash After Calling Veveonah “Tree Girl”Did Mulan Filmmakers Just ‘Honor’ The Cultural Genocide Happening in Xinjiang?Malaysians Get Foreign Friends To Try Childhood SnacksIf you haven’t gotten round to fulfill your New Year’s resolution of getting fit this 2020, now’s the perfect time to get started! In this bizarre new normal, we are beginning to get an idea of the profound changes to the Malaysia way of life and just how long we will have to endure them. All of these games cater for various levels of fitness and are fun ways to spend quality time with your family members during this MCO. This affected me in having my 3 times a week SEDEF HIIT at the park and also weekend SRR LSD. Perhaps those wartime stories our grandparents would tell us during a bedtime story.I have to inject some positivities by focusing on other important stuff like work, project, and connecting with my community with positive people, positive energy, positive smile and positive attitude. The Star TV. You can get yours today for just RM8, following thisDefence Minister, Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob, just announced that restaurants and convenience stores can now extend business hours to 2am....The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (SPRM) just arrested Deputy Head of UMNO Division Perak regarding allegations of misappropriation of around RM500,000...In a corruption trial that took place yesterday (9 September), a former aide of Rosmah Mansor revealed that he received...A 13-year-old boy from Thailand died after his teacher forced him to do 100 squat jumps as punishment for not...The number of rabies cases has been reported to be increasing in Sarawak. If you prefer a more relaxed exercise routine that allows you to work on flexibility and low-impact strength, tune into Hot Yo Studio’s 20-minute yoga sessions every day at 6pm throughout MCO! There was a slight hope on the last 8 days of the original MCO, where the escalation of infected number was slow down, suggesting a pattern of flattening (an analysis published by MIER and KKM).

With classes ranging from yoga to cardio and dance held at multiple times throughout the day, the only thing going out your door is your excuses. For just RM18, you can use this mat for easy stretches, intense workouts and an optional floor desk if you get sick of working from your table. In light of this, coach Harnniann Toh had designed a light yet effective workout program call This is the first ever exercise that is conducted solely online with zero physical contact. It was announced on the 25 March 2020 by our Prime Minister. Pilates is a great way to get rid of belly bloat and strengthen your core. The Health Ministry's official Twitter account, which has … Exercise medicine expert Prof Dr Lee Chee Pheng said there are rising concerns that the failure of engaging in a healthy lifestyle throughout the MCO period would pose an after-effect on people's health. These IG Live workouts are all conducted by certified Malaysian Fitness corporations/trainers. You can check out their sessions by following their IG account All you’ll need to derive maximum results from these workouts are insane determination and a pair of light weights to enhance the exercises. But the excuses was that the technology was not ready, the policy of trust was not in place etc. And thankfully with this new MCO in place, you can afford a pair of solid kicks that will get the job done for under RM50! Tun M: Jho Low is very slippery.

Coach Toh will send a text to signal a change of position i.e. Check out their schedule These kickboxing sessions may appear intimidating, but they’re actually super fun and easily accessible to all.

It is also an alternate routine conducted by our coach Selene was introduced.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 — The Health Ministry today urged Malaysians to remain active while staying at home during the movement control order (MCO) until April 14, sharing an example of weight lifting using a sofa. There will be a photo session, group photo, to mark our attendance. She also posts snippets of some of her workouts on her IG account which you can follow To maximise the results of your workout, you’re gonna need some resistance bands to really hone in on some of these moves that will leave you sweaty and satisfied.

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