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About Me

I’m Sarah James.

I am a certified executive and business coach. I’m also a therapist who has spend over 30,000 hours helping over ___  people create the lives they were meant to live. I teach men and women who feel disempowered in their daily life and work, to gain freedom and purpose by creating a career and business that generates total fulfillment, empowerment, and consistent income.

But really…

I help you blow it out of the water and take serious, professionally guided action to UPSHIFT your career, your business, and your life. Because it’s damn depressing when you’re stuck in position that affords you no future. The good news is that it’s totally do-able to reach a new level that completely shifts your day-to-day to feel happy, strong, and positive.


Are you ready to make it BIG in your career or business and create the future of your dreams, but not sure how?
I’ve been there. But I discovered the secret sauce and created wild success. Now, I help people just
like you to do the same. OR now I help people like you to create wild success.

You can keep doing what you’ve always done and stay stuck, or you can take back
control of your life by choosing to UPSHIFT.






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