Bio & Credentials

Sarah James LCSW, CAC II, EMDR Speaker, Executive & Business Coach,
Owner of Sarah James Global & The Counseling Place at Lone Tree.

Sarah James is a Change Agent and a “no-nonsense” business coach for executives and entrepreneurs. She teaches men as well as to women who feel dis-empowered in their daily life “and work, as well as how to gain freedom” and purpose by creating a business that empowers and creates consistent income. Her clients love that she is edgy and direct, which sets her apart both therapists and coaches.

Sarah has created her own formula for balancing business, personality, psychology, and high achieving performance. She brings science and psychology to the art of being a business owner, and running a business. Her qualifications give her the credibility most coaches lack. She is a seasoned therapist with a strong practice and following, as well as a business thriving business owner, with certifications as a business & executive coach.

Sarah began her private practice in 2007. After working with patients who have serious PTSD, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and sleeplessness as a result of their corporate jobs, Sarah chose to become an executive and business coach to help those who feel beaten down, worn out, stressed out, and defeated by corporate.

Sarah offers her clients a smarter, more profound and meaningful way to fulfill their purpose, whether it be to rise to the top of the corporate world as executive leaders, or to start a new business and life.

Prior to beginning her private practice, Sarah gathered knowledge and experience through education, work placements, and earning extra certifications. She graduated with honors from the University of Denver with a Masters in Clinical Social Work.

The focus of her Masters work encompassed individual and family therapy. Sarah was an individual and family therapist for the Psychiatric Department at The Children’s Hospital. Although the child was in the hospital, she worked with each family member to stabilize the situation. At The Children’s Hospital, Sarah also provided psychiatric assessments in the Emergency Department. Strong assessment skills are a very important piece of therapy.

Sarah also assisted in establishing an Intensive Services Team for a local mental health agency. This team worked to stabilize intense family conflict, while regarding individual needs.

She has been a mental health counselor in adolescent residential programs and a Denver Public Schools social worker. While at Denver Public Schools, Sarah provided therapy, anger management and empowerment groups, as well as established Individual Education Plans.

Sarah stands for and represents honesty, strength, independence, and empowerment. She inspires and motivates audiences to access their truest selves and create massive shifts to find happiness in their work and lives.

To book Sarah as a speaker for your event, contact her directly at [email protected].


  • Certified Executive Coach, The Center for Executive Coaching
  • Certified Business Coach, The Institute for Business Growth
  • Emergenetics Certified Coach, Emergenetics International
  • Licensed Psycho Therapist (LPT)
  • Certified Addiction Counselor Level Two (CAC II)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Certified (EMDR Certified), EMDR Institute
  • EMDR Consultant in Training, EMDR Institute

Coaching Specialties

Executive Coaching; Stress Management; Professional Development; Business Coaching and Consultation; CASTLE Model Business Development; Workplace Conflict Resolution; Management Consultation; How to Compete; Building Your Career Future; Leadership Strategies; How to climb the corportate ladder; Assistance in getting clarity on the future of your career and business; Work/Life Balance; and Communication Skills.

Therapy Specialties

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy; Drug and Alcohol Counseling; EMDR/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation and Empowerment; Dissolving Negative Patterns; Divorce Counseling; Anxiety; Performance Anxiety; Depression; Women’s Issues; Crisis Intervention; Life Transition; Communication Skills; Sexual Abuse; Communication Skills; Self-Esteem; Assertiveness Training; Relational Issues; and Stress Management.