Upshift your business


Now, are you ready to finally be the boss and make the money you deserve running your own successful business?

This is for you if you want to…

  • Have a thriving business that attracts clients you love.
  • Finally using your God-given skills to do something that empowers you, gives you confidence, and makes you money.
  • Stop feeling of burned out all the time and start living your life again.
  • Go from being just an employee who’s making someone else a lot of money, to fulfilling your own purpose in life.
  • Put an end to asking for raises and promotions that rarely happen.
  • Finally be the BOSS, and make the decisions.

You don’t have to stay where you are. If you’ve dreamed of starting your own business, but have been feeling stuck in a corporate job that is burning you out and has you playing small, then I fully support you creating a new reality. It can sound scary now, but when you have the formula and the systems in place, it is 100% doable.

I’ve been running my own business for years, grew my own therapy practice, and tripled my income on year #1. By year three, I had become unstoppable and realized how much I love owning a business. There was no going back. It brought out the best in me, and my confidence skyrocketed.

I discovered I could have money and fulfillment.

And with my help, you can too.


The Upshift To Business is a 4-month private mentor ship program that teaches you to master the mindset of the high-earning business owner and build your thriving business from the ground up, with the right skills, marketing systems, and sales success formulas.

  • Identify and clear the barriers to your success.
  • Learn to think and function like a CEO.
  • Create consistent revenue and multiply it each year.
  • Increase your profit margins and cash flow.
  • Get the right skills, marketing strategies, and sales success formulas that attract your ideal clients.
  • Master selling and convert prospects into paying customers.

How It Works

This is a 4 month program consisting of:

  • Eleven Private Business Coaching Sessions: These calls are set up to give you ongoing attention and an action plan to achieve your goals. This structured focus gives creates the momentum and results you need.
  • Emergenetics Profile and Strengths Finder Assessments: Get grounded in your strengths and learn to leverage them!
  • 6 modules with several sections each, emailed to you throughout the 11 weeks: These modules include self-assessments and tools to help you gain new skills, insights, and clarity.
  • Personalized Tools aimed at your specific needs and aimed at moving you and your business forward.
  • Email access to Sarah.


  • Learning the CEO mindset.
  • The Evolution of the Business Owner- An assessment to affirm that you are evolving as a business owner.
  • How to create a compelling marketing message & stand out from your competitors.
  • Establish an effective online presence.
  • How to Craft Your Solution for Your Market Tool
  • Referral Connectors: A cheat sheet of people you must connect with.
  • Know Your Numbers: Understand and implement charts that will explain your:
    • Breakeven Volume
    • Revenue Model
    • Profit Model
    • Cash Flow Model

Transformation Training Modules

Week 1: Master the mindset of a high earning business owner.

Week 2: Lay a solid and strategic foundation.

Week 3: Become an empowered strategic marketer.

Week 4: Generate Awareness and Interest on- and off-line to grow your customer base.

Week 5: Master Selling

Week 6-11: Learn the systems and structure to optimize your productivity, manage your time, and building a winning team.

  • Think like a CEO.
  • Learn to manage your time effectively.
  • Your Organizational Structure.
  • Recruiting the right TALENT.
  • Creating and standardizing PROCESSES.
  • Create repeatable SYSTEMS.
  • Get the right TECHNOLOGY.
  • Build a strong TEAM.
  • Learn to LEAD.

Ready to create your Ideal Budget?

Have you always wanted to start your own business or UpSHIFT the one you already have, but fear creeps in because you do not think you can afford it? Grab our complimentary BUDGET ANALYSIS and MONEY MINDSET SHIFT worksheet by providing us the below details.

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