Get what it really takes rise to the top as a trusted leader in your organization.

If you’re ready to finally…

  • Earn the right to lead with the skills that get you noticed and respected.
  • Feel confident, in control, and learn to influence others.
  • Say goodbye to boring and routine days and find a new level of excitement and creativity at work.
  • Make more money and advance in your company, by learning to establish a high performance culture.

Then read on.

Becoming a leader isn’t for everyone. It takes tenacity, skill, and emotional intelligence. But if you know you’re meant to become a leader that has influence and you want to create big success for yourself, your family, and your company, then it is completely achievable. You just have to learn how.

The LeaderSHIFT Program gives you the skills it takes to be a leader in your organization, and enhance the leadership skills you already have to keep you at the top.

  • Get grounded in your strengths and learn to leverage them.
  • Learn how to strengthen your power base of individuals who can help you succeed.
  • Learn management methods to engage and mobilize your employees.
  • Learn how to Manage Up. Understand your manager and strengthen the relationship.
  • Learn to think comprehensively and create action plans that work.
  • Get the powerful frameworks for the most effective conflict resolution.
  • Get the secret to more energy, focus, and discipline to meet the demands as a leader.

How It Works

This is a 3 month program consisting of:

  • Eight Private Leadership Coaching Sessions: These calls are set up to give you ongoing attention and an action plan to achieve your goals. This structured focus gives creates the momentum and results you need.
  • Emergenetics Profile and Strengths Finder Assessment: Get grounded in your strengths and learn to leverage them!
  • 7 modules emailed to you weekly: These modules include self-assessments and tools to help you gain new skills, insights, and clarity.
  • 24/7 Access to the LeaderSHIFT Facebook group: This closed-door group will give you added resources, support, group insights, and accountability.


UPSHIFT Energy Tool: This tool will help you to take better care of your needs in order to have more energy, focus, and discipline needed to meet the demands as a leader.

What You Get

The Emergenetics Profile is used in hundreds of companies worldwide as an executive coaching tool to optimize individual and team performance by understanding how innately each professional thinks and behaves.

“Developed through years of psychometric research, the Emergenetics Profile accurately measures three behavioral attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual). The attributes are represented in a clear, color-coded report, making it memorable and applicable immediately.”– Emergenetics International

The Strengths Finder Test helps you become grounded in what you are best equipped to do at work.  It helps improve performance by understanding and having a deep understanding of your strengths, so you can implement them at work.

Transformation Training Modules

Week 1: Emergenetics Profile Deep Dive and Strengths Finder Assessment*

Week 2: Earn the Right To Lead & Activate Your Employees

Week 3: Learn the 4 step formula for thinking systematically and methodically about issues

Week 4: Gain Fast Forward Momentum

Week 5: Foster Collaboration

Week 6: Build for the Future

Week 7: Modelling the Art of Giving Back as a Leader

Week 8: Re-Ground, Assess, and Create Your Leadership Action Plan

Ready to UPSHIFT Your Career?

Look deep into your career and future with our complimentary UpSHIFT YOUR CAREER Gap Analysis for professionals and business owners. Get aligned with goals that are authentically yours, grow your success, and overall fulfillment by simply providing the below details.

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