“At the time I met Sarah, my career success had culminated into a high achieving job in a Fortune 100 company. I had always dreamed of having my own business “down the road,” not really knowing when that would be. Until Sarah. Working with Sarah was a pivot point where I changed the trajectory of my career and life. She facilitated understanding my strengths, how I could take my work experience in corporate America to filling a need with individual clients, and then take that work from one-on-one to one-to-many, ultimately allowing me to grow my income and enhancing my own personal fulfillment beyond anything I could have imagined. Sarah is the perfect balance of positive support and accountability. Her knowledge of human behavior and expertise in helping people get to the next level in their career, business, and life, is a true gift that is naturally part of who she is, but also honed through years of experience. If you are looking to get to that next level in your life, career, or business, Sarah will help you get there.”

Lesha Reese, MA

Owner, People Evolutions
Sarah has been excellent in helping me be a better manager and business owner. Sarah is perceptive, non-judgmental, compassionate, patient, and is a great listener. She always provides sound and meaningful advice. I am fortunate I met her and recommend her to anyone searching for improvement in their lives.

Krista Mayes-Poole

Franchise Owner at RedLine Athletics - Westminster
The enormous uncertainties confronting businesses today requires augmented executive abilities in leadership, communication and adaptation. In addressing this need, Sarah’s problem-solving skills are superb. As a certified executive coach, Sarah has a unique ability to diagnose quickly managerial strengths and weaknesses, and to develop effective strategies for enhancing executive skills both in day-to-day management practices and in longer-term adaptation of the business to evolving markets. She has been very helpful to us.

Antony A. Phipps, Ph.D.

Managing General Partner, Wagon Wheel Gap Associates, Ltd.
“Sarah has a phenomenal depth of knowledge about what makes people more effective. For executives and business owners, she has the rare ability to work with you to understand what might be holding you back in your business and career, and find the most efficient and effective path to success. Unlike many who have entered the coaching field, Sarah has a foundation rooted in practical, research-based methodologies. As important, she make people feel at easy, has tons of empathy, and is fun to work with.

Sarah brings the full package to her work as an executive coach. As a psychotherapist with a strong track record, she has deep understanding of the human psyche and what it takes for people to get unstuck and achieve breakthrough performance. She has taken this knowledge and combined it with a powerful executive coaching toolkit and process that makes her stand out from other executive coaches. I highly recommend her work!”

Andrew Neitlich, MBA

Healthcare and Technology Leader Institutes
“My husband and I inherited his family’s guest ranch at an older age and quickly became overwhelmed as how to fix the issues that came with it and run it effectively. We were paralyzed. Sarah helped us tremendously.
First, she helped us with our mindset that we could actually do this. Next, we worked on strategic marketing as well as business systems. We had the uncomfortable task of clearing out management that were ineffective and replacing them with strong leaders.
After it was all said and done, we were able to run the business for several summers before selling it at a significant profit compared to what we would have earned when we inherited it. We learned so much through the process. What was once overwhelming became second nature with Sarah’s help!”

Betsy Phipps

Phipps La Garita Ranch
“I would say the greatest strength Sarah brings to the table is encouragement, and even more so faith in your client, that they can achieve their goals. She believes in her process and know what works, as it has worked for her, and she takes that directly to her clients and communicates that with them and that they can do it too.
Sarah also brings organization and process. Most counselors are not strategically minded and can’t plan out well, and she offers that. She provides the roadmap to follow, which is critical. Working with her I realized what I am worth, what I should charge. I also figured out where to start and what clients to target first. Sarah would break it down into small steps, which is helpful. I think the greatest transformation is belief in myself, that I can do this.”

Paul Steinke, MA, LPC

The Karibuni Center, www.karibunicenter.com
“Sarah is a highly motivated, passionate and energetic professional. She had a gift of being able to communicate with intelligent, easily understood language with a great sense of humor and compassion for people. I highly recommend Sarah!”

Sandra Gottschalk-Reed, MBA

Medical Device Healthcare Policy and Reimbursement Professional