Are you like most professionals who have experienced a negative situation at work and can’t seem to let it go for your own health and health of your career?  Let’s say a mentor of yours picked your brain about how to improve your team, and low and behold when the director position opened he gunned for it and got it over you (yep, just spoke to someone last week that happened to).  You thought he was mentoring you for the job. How do you handle it? What do you do next?  He is now your manager. Ugh.

The struggle is that workplaces can become places of dysfunction, resentment, anger, and even hate with these types of situations occur.   In my opinion, the dishonesty and sneakiness listed above stinks.  How can my client rise above and let go, so that he can continue to gain success at his company?  He will still need to perform, but how when he has to see this deceiving person each day?

People often find themselves irritated, operating at their max capacity, or weighed down. Perhaps some feel as if they are gripping on tightly to certain aspects in their life and cannot let go, or simply feeling sad.

We are allowed to feel negative emotions such as sadness, hurt, fear, loneliness, apathy, and guilt. The trouble occurs when these emotions begin to grip our lives causing us to struggle. At times, we may not even know or perhaps understand why these feelings are there.

Through letting go relief can be found. Why struggle? Here are some tips on how to let go. Keep these strategies in your awareness and grow from them. Remember to breathe as you remind yourself of letting go.  You can do this!

  1. Letting go means you are supportive and well intentioned in your life, rather than the thought that you are going to fix and accomplish everything in your path today.
  2. Letting go means to learn from the past and grow from it in your life journey, rather than riddle yourself with guilt and criticism.
  3. Letting go means let go of your fears and replace them with love and positive foresight.
  4. Letting go occurs when you learn that certain outcomes are out of your hands, rather than gripping onto them.
  5. Letting go occurs when you stop criticizing others, rather live the life you dream of.